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I firmly believe in small gestures: pay for their coffee, hold the door for strangers, over tip, smile or try to be kind even when you don’t feel like it, pay compliments, chase the kid’s runaway ball down the sidewalk and throw it back to him, try to be larger than you are— particularly when it’s difficult. People do notice, people appreciate. I appreciate it when it’s done to (for) me. Small gestures can be an effort, or actually go against our grain (“I’m not a big one for paying compliments…”), but the irony is that almost every time you make them, you feel better about yourself. For a moment life suddenly feels lighter, a bit more Gene Kelly dancing in the rain.
Jonathan Carroll (via closedforprayer)

(via closedforprayer)

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You playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightening about shrinking so that others won’t feel uncomfortable around you. As you let your own light shine, you indirectly give others permission to do the same.
Marianne Williamson (via liberatingreality)

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Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle not your lifestyle around your career.
Making Moves (via thatkindofwoman)

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The start is what stops most people.
Don Shula  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Be strong, but not rude. Be kind, but not weak. Be humble, but not timid. Be proud, but not arrogant.
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To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.
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Life’s a picnic.
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Life’s a picnic.


Self-portraits by Sammy Davis, Jr.
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Self-portraits by Sammy Davis, Jr.

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David Alan Harvey
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